Monday, 07 October 2013 15:24

A Warm Welcome for our Visiting Friends!

This year, we are very pleased to welcome a new group of English Language Assistants, as well as welcome one back from last year.  



Liam Kilmartin (Dublin, Ireland), Simon Flood (Leeds, United Kingdom), Katie Murray (Wisconsin, U.S.A.) and Kenya Chavez (California, U.S.A.) will be working in English classes throughout the school, helping with conversation and correct pronunciation and sharing their diverse cultures and experiences in the English-speaking world.

Not only does their presence give students an excellent language reference in the classroom, they also provide added interest by being from a foreign country, with different cultural habits and customs. Their knowledge of Spanish is nil, or very limited and students must use English in order to communicate with them. The assistants will also be present on many excursions, encouraging students to participate in natural conversation on out-of-the classroom subjects.

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